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Accommodation with a Restaurant close to Florence

The accommodation at Tenuta di Artimino looks forward to pampering our guests at our in-house restaurant serving the best local produce.  The Biagio Pignatta Restaurant is located just a stone’s throw from the apartments and can be easily reached on foot.

The Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and offers a cuisine that focuses on fresh local ingredients that have been sourced from nearby farms and orchards to provide delicious traditional dishes.

Wonderful Tuscan classic dishes are revisited with a modern twist but the kitchen is always inventing new culinary masterpieces that pay homage to the cuisine of the Medici with signature dishes such as duck à l'orange.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of ingredients.  The restaurant focuses on what is fresh and in season to ensure that only the healthiest and tastiest food is on offer at our tables.

In addition to this, we only serve certified meats and fresh fish.  And to round this off, both the fruit and vegetables served in the large and spacious dining room come from the estate’s own private kitchen garden and orchards which are a perfect reflection of the restaurant’s working philosophy.


The kitchen is run by our Executive Chef, Michela Bottasso, who has previously worked in some of the world’s most important restaurants from London to the Caribbean.

The menu includes traditional local dishes such as a “Pappa al pomodoro” which has been further embellished with the addition of a “burratina,” a ribollita alla carmignanese (which pays homage to the municipality’s name); a particular pasta (pici) with cheese and three different kinds of peppers and a Caterina de’Medici duck breast.

There is also a wonderful wine list with numerous labels that originate from the Tenuta di Artimino itself: Chianti Montalbano, Ser Biagio, Poggilarca, Grumarello, Iris, Artumes and Vin Ruspo.

There is also a lunch menu which includes sandwiches and salads. In addition to this, we also cater for our vegan, vegetarian and coeliac guests.

Our enchanting residence with its own restaurant looks forward to welcoming you to Carmignano, just 30 km from Florence.


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